BAP-2011 and CCIE- 2011 final on December 17 2011 …more

BAP-2011 Launched, register for Introductory Sessions …more

BAP-2010 and CCIE- 2010 final on December 11 2010 …more

November 13th, 2009, a historic day for Pakistan as MITEFP holds the First ever Conference on “Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship – CCIE-09

Third MITEFP-OPEN BAP-2009 – Business Acceleration Competition …. And the Winner is “Aerocar and runner ups are iKonami and KomKonsult

Brilliance shines at the BAP event (blog by Jehan Ara President [email protected])

Conference on Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CCIE-09) launched. It is to coincide with Finals of MITEFP-OPEN BAP-2009. For conference details click here
MITEFP-OPEN BAP-2008 another Successful Program; Winner: Sofcom; Runner ups Cybersoft and Voizar

MITEF-OPEN BAP-2007 a huge success; Winner: Sofizar nd Runner-up Alchemy
We are happy to report that the MITEF-OPEN BAP-2007 was a huge success. After a well fought contest, the winner was Sofizar and Runner-up Alchemy.

MITEF-OPEN BAP – an Excellent Initiative; post to PASHA members by Jehan Ara, CEO Enabling Technologies
Attending the MITEF BAP Final presentations at the Avari Hotel on November 6 was a very exhilirating experience. The five finalists – Alchemy, Autosoft, Sofizar, Softech and Tohfay – took 20 minutes each to tell us their stories. more….


MITEFP of Pakistan’s mission is to improve the economic well being of the people of Pakistan through development of an Entrepreneurship Promotion Program for Pakistan. This is in line with the MITEF global mission i.e. the promotion of formation and growth of innovative and technologically-oriented companies through specialized executive education programs. Through these programs, the Forum provides networking, leadership opportunities, and life-long connections to MIT while showcasing MIT’s role in entrepreneurship in communities around the world.

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For the past many years now, entrepreneurship promotion activities have been gaining momentum in Pakistan. Initially Ken Morse & Bill Aulet of MIT Entrepreneurship Center, OPEN members especially Imran Sayeed and locals Azhar Rizvi, a successful entrepreneur and CNBC anchor Junaid Iqbal; organized and conducted a number of trainings, seminars and workshops related to entrepreneurship and enterprise building. Later on MIT Club of Pakistan Enterprise Forum (MITCEF) was formed to formalize the activities and people like Dr. Zahir Ali Syed, an Entrepreneur and educationist, Farrokh Captain, Chairman Captain Industry and others also joined the effort. A major success story of all the activities conducted so far has been the BAP (Business Acceleration Program) and the Conference on Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CCIE). The first BAP was conducted successfully in 2007 and the first CCIE was conducted in 2009 and since then these activities have been regular annual affairs. MIT Enterprise Forum Global recognizing the efforts being put in by group in Pakistan has approved it to become the seventh international chapter of MIT Enterprise Forum, ahead of Major European, Asian, Latin American and African countries. It is now named as MIT Enterprise Forum of Pakistan (MITEFP).

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