What Us Makes Different

    • MIT Brand
      • MIT name and reputation
      • Access to unique MIT resources, professors, centers, intellectual property
      • Access to other MITEF chapters around the world, including prominent
        individuals and organizations in their respective geographies
    • Emphasis on true innovation, not just technology or early-stage ventures
      • Measure innovation in terms of economic impact
      • Tailor our activities to executives in mid-market growth companies
    • Quality and professionalism of our volunteer leaders and staff
      • All volunteers are members
      • Seek to have our volunteers mirror our target member profile
    • Unique mix of members and attendees at our events
      • Cuts across broad range of industries and company sizes
      • Growing number of executives from all management disciplines
      • Growing number of senior government officials concerned with economic growth
      • We break down the silos between traditionally non-communicating functions